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Diastolic Hypertension is Serious!

Diastolic Hypertension is Serious!

Diastolic Hypertension



For patients with diastolic hypertension who are wondering what it means when the numbers of their reading taken is explain in here. Two facts were observed when taking blood pressure look like “/”. This symbol stands for the systolic pressure in left and the diastolic pressure in right. A normal systolic pressure should not exceed the normal and the diastolic pressure is not over from standard pressure. The increase in both pressure can mean diastolic hypertension and this is bad reading.

Systolic hypertension is different from high diastolic blood pressure. The first thing this systolic hypertension is characterized by a sudden increment in blood pressure when the heart contracts.

Diastolic blood pressure is high on the other aspect refers to the blood pressure in the muscle contraction. Doctors and medical experts have stated that high diastolic blood pressure must taken seriously and that it causes more bad effect to the body than systolic hypertension. In a recent study of people under or who were diagnosed with hypertension reported an increased incidence of high diastolic hypertension. These higher levels of diastolic hypertension cause adverse effects on brain heart and kidneys. High diastolic hypertension if happen to patients is advised to lower diastolic pressure by maintaining the best readings at bottom or standard reading pressure. Systolic pressure is also required to be lowered though top priority is focused on diastolic pressure.

Causes of high diastolic hypertension include heart and the effects of natural aging. When a person gets old heart muscle becomes tired and eventually stiff making it difficult for the heart to fill with blood properly. High diastolic hypertension if not treated properly can lead to diastolic heart failure. Diagnosis of high diastolic blood pressure may risk disease patients and diseases such as CAD or coronary heart disease aortic stenosis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy pericardial disease other.

In addition to the aging bad lifestyle such as smoking and drinking high cholesterol, obesity, high salt intake prior cardiac surgical infection and a family history of diabetes also lead contributor to the occurrence of high diastolic blood pressure.

During the last years the research has also been carried out and challenge the severity of high diastolic blood pressure. In a recent issue of Archives of Internal Medicine reports have suggested that there is a big push to control systolic blood pressure than diastolic pressure in hypertensive patients. Elaborate high diastolic blood pressure expose some risk of developing other cardiovascular disorders.

In the special case of hypertension systolic hypertension is more common than high diastolic blood pressure among elderly patients. Blood vessels they have degraded resulting in an increase in systolic pressure. Advice given to patients with this condition to lower systolic blood pressure and keep it.

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