Fungoral is a non-prescription drug used for the treatment and maintenance treatment of dandruff and other skin changes (seborrheic eczema) of the scalp in adults and children over the age of twelve as the experts on this site are saying, too: It is likely that dandruff and other skin changes on the scalp are caused by a type of yeast fungus, Malassezia, which most people have on the scalp. Symptoms may include dandruff, dryness, white peeling or yellowish glistening scales, eczema-like skin changes, redness and itching. Fungoral shampoo contains the active substance ketoconazole which inhibits the growth of this yeast fungus, relieves itching and reduces shelling


Rub the shampoo well into the scalp. Usually about 5 ml of shampoo is enough. Rinse out after 3-5 minutes. For the first 2-4 weeks treat the hair twice a week to relieve symptoms, then once a week or, if necessary, to prevent a recurrence of symptoms. Fungoral 2% shampoo for the treatment of adolescents and adults.

Pediatric population.

Safety and effectiveness in children younger than 12 years of age have not been established.

Warnings and Cautions
Avoid contact of shampoo with eyes. In this case, flush eyes with water.

If long-term treatment with topical corticosteroids is discontinued, there is a risk of the so-called ricochet phenomenon, i.e. an exacerbation of previous inflammation on the skin. To prevent this, gradual abolition of the steroid is recommended over 2-3 weeks, while , as treatment with Fungoral is a shampoo start.

Pregnancy (Read more about pregnancy)
Category A.

Adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women are not available. Plasma ketoconazole concentrations have not been determined after topical application of fungal shampoo to the scalp in nonpregnant women. When the fungal shampoo was applied to the entire body, measurable plasma levels were obtained. There are no known risks with the use of Fungoral shampoo during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding (Read more about breastfeeding).
Group I.

There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in breastfeeding women. There are no known risks with Fungoral Shampoo during breastfeeding.

Fungoral Shampoo has no or negligible effect on the ability to drive cars and vehicles.

Side Effects

The safety of treatment of the scalp and/or skin with Fungoral 20 mg/mL Shampoo was evaluated on 2,890 individuals who participated in 22 clinical trials . No adverse reactions with an incidence of ≥1% were reported in evaluating these data.

In case of accidental ingestion, supportive and symptomatic measures should be taken. Vomiting induction or gastric lavage should not be performed to avoid aspiration.

Miscibility .

Durability, storage and handling
Do not store at temperatures above 25°C.

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