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Gestational Hypertension While Pregnant

Gestational Hypertension While Pregnant

Gestational Hypertension

gestational hypertension

gestational hypertension


Gestational hypertension is a usually health problem among pregnant women….

This gestational hypertension during pregnancy is made up of several categories,

  1.  Existing hypertension (pre-pregnancy again);
  2.  Pregnancy-induced hypertension
  3.  Pre-eclampsia

Existing gestational hypertension happen among 1 to 5% of pregnant women, while pregnancy-induced hypertension occurs in 5 to 10% among pregnant women. This percentage may be higher among Asians due to genetic factors. Hypertension during pregnancy is more common during the first content (up to 25% of pregnant women).

Gestational hypertension during pregnancy requires careful observation and treatment. Pregnant women at high risk of pre-eclampsia or eclampsia (seizures) which can cause brain and kidney damage, bleeding problems and harm to the unborn fetus.

Why gestational hypertension occur?

The real reason why some pregnant women have hypertension and others do not, is still unknown. One risk factor is genetic.

  1. The first theory states that there is a problem when the placenta during early pregnancy section.
  2. The second theory states that there may be incidents of uncontrolled inflammation, in which the body reacts to the placenta itself. Scientific reports indicate that more Asian women suffering from hypertension during pregnant.

What pregnant women at risk?

Pregnant women who are at risk of get  hypertension is as follows:

Major Factors:

 Women aged 40 years and above.

Obese: BMI <30 kg / m2 is associated with a doubling of the risk of pre-eclampsia. High BMI before pregnancy or during the early stages of pregnancy are at increased risk of hypertension during pregnancy.

Genetic factors:

History of hypertension during pregnancy among family members, whether the mother or siblings increases the risk of 20% to 40%.

Factors Obstetrics

1.Primigravida: the first pregnant (get 2-3 times higher risk)
2.multiple birth
3.The history of pre-eclampsia in a previous content
4.The period between the old content
5.Hydrops disease, with great uri
7.Molar content

Note: Although women first item) at high risk of pre-eclampsia, multiparous women (many children) at risk for more serious symptoms with various complications.

Factors Medicine

Existing hypertension (pre-pregnancy)
Kidney disease
The presence of antibodies Anti-fosfohipid
Connective tissue disease
Thrombophilia offspring (Inherited thrombophilia)

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