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How To Manage Stress And Hypertension

How To Manage Stress And Hypertension

How To Manage Stress And Hypertension

The lifestyle of today’s fast-paced easily invite stress . Many people do not realize the body’s stress may invite various malignancies. The most common effects are fever, colds, eating disorders and also sleep. Women often think of stress are things that are small and often underestimated. However, more women actually tortured when hit by stress. This article give best detailed about how to manage stress effectively. Manage stress important to prevent you from get hypertension or controlling this blood pressure .

As is known, the duty of a woman is not limited in the office alone. When coming home to many other tasks that await. Managing the household, caring for the needs of her husband and children is a task that never stops. Therefore, women need to know how to manage stress in order to live more cheerful in addition to the family.

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SOURCES OF STRESS | How To Manage Stress ?

– Problems in the relationship
– Financial problems
– lonely
– Health problems
– Pregnancy
– Pressure office / neighbors / college
– The death of someone close

– Irritable and angry with friends and family
– Act aggressive and defensive
– Quickly tired
– Loss of concentration or forgetfulness
– Tense muscles
– Headache, stomach and diarrhea
– nausea
– Chest pain
– Frequent chills
-Body or hand tremors
– The eyes are burning or red

– STRESS SIGNS; Stiff jaw and sometimes the teeth during sleep rub.
– Solution; Put hot water around the jaw before this sleep. Hot water can help reduce pain in the jaw.

– STRESS SIGNS; Sneezing and colds. Stress lowers power than the body, and disclose to allergies.
– Solution; Allergy medication may help but work consistently for 30 minutes to remove ephinephrine that can relieve the body.

– STRESS SIGNS; Hair thinner. Pressure and stress can affect hair growth.
– Solution; Add iron, omega-3 and vitamin B12 such as broccoli and salmon as an important food for hair.

– STRESS SIGNS; When stress the body produces extra adrenalin. Sebum out more and make oily skin and acne.
– Solution; Wash your face thoroughly at least twice every day . Cleaning gel is suitable for producing oil.

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OVERCOME WITH STRESS …How To Manage Stress ?


– If you feel yourself alone and lonely hit , do not latent problem alone . Try to spend some time with them and share your heart with they all . At least reduced loading your problems and straight reduce the stress


Everyone has their own stress . Your not the only one to pass through. Having a positive attitude in

deal with stress can prevent the disease from simple hinggap.Cuba contemplate themselves and take positive steps .
– at least reduced loading your problems and straight reduce the stress Do physical exercises

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– Have a hobby that is done consistently can help reduce stress. Moderate activity performed with family or friends to spend time together can reduce the tension away.

-When stress strikes, trying to work out. Exercise can help the body get rid of stress with ease. Breathing exercises are very effective in dealing with stress. When the blood started smoothly, the brain will also be active.


– Leading a healthy lifestyle such as a balanced diet, adequate sleep, do not delay the work and make quality time can help manage your stress. Easy communication with the people around also helps.

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