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Hypertension Treatment For Long Life

Hypertension Treatment For Long Life

Hypertension Treatment

hypertension treatment

hypertension treatment

Hypertension Treatment Target To Lifelong Patient

After doctor confirmed you have high blood pressure, you will need to give hypertension treatment  and control it for your long life. This means….you must totally make lifestyle changes, and, in some cases, taking prescribed medicines, and getting get medical care.

In most cases, your goal is probably to keep your blood pressure below 140/90 mmHg (130/80 if you have diabetes or chronic kidney disease).For  hypertension treatment must is less than 120/80.  Ask your doctor what your hypertension treatment goal should be and maintain it score.

Hypertension treatment only help control your blood pressure, but it will not cure your hypertension, even if your blood pressure readings appear normal. If you stop treatment, your blood pressure and risk for related health problems will come back. For your future you need care and treat closely for full your life. Always work with your doctor for advice and meditations for lifelong blood pressure control.

Change To Healthier Habits

Some people can block or control hypertension  with these healthy lifestyle habits.

Follow a healthy eating plan that includes fruits, vegetables, fat-free and low-fat milk products, whole grains, fish, poultry and nuts.

Make sure cut down on salt and sodium in the diet. Try not to eat more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day, about 2/3 teaspoon of salt.

Lose weight if overweight or obese and stay at a healthy weight. Blood pressure rises as body weight increases, and losing even 10 pounds can lower blood pressure. Body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference are measures used to determine if someone is overweight or obese. Go to gym! Or brisk walk.

Be physically active for at least 2 and one-half hours a week. Regular physical activity is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent or control high blood pressure. It also helps reduce your risk of heart disease.Active in sport with your friend as example.

Limit alcohol intake. Drinking too much alcohol can raise your blood pressure. Alcohol similar with carbohydrate family where can deposited as fat in your belly.Gain the weight and increase your blood pressure.

Quit smoking or don’t do it. Smoking can damage your blood vessels and raise your risk for high blood pressure. Smoking also can worsen health problems related to high blood pressure. Smoking not cool habit for human. Stop smoking now!

Learn to reduce stress. Learning how to manage stress, relax, and cope with problems can improve your emotional and physical health. Learn about relaxation techniques that may relieve tension.

Remembering to Take Your Medications

Take your medications daily! It is important that you take your blood pressure medication the same time each day. There are a few tips to make this easier to remember.

  •  Put a “sticky” notes in visible places to remind yourself to take your high blood pressure drugs. You can put notes on the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, or on the front door.
  •  Place your drugs in a weekly pillbox, easy to get at most pharmacies.
  •  Try to link taking your medication with something else that you do regularly, like brushing your teeth or on your meal table.
  • Keep your high blood pressure drugs on the nightstand next to your side of the bed.
  •  Try keeping a chart or calendar to write down when you take your drugs. Keep this calendar posted so you can quickly see if you’ve taken your drugs. Use colored pens to help you keep track of more than one type of medication.
  •  If you have a smartphone, find out about texting services and applications that can send reminders.
  • Establish a buddy system with a friend who also is on daily medication and arrange to call each other every day with a reminder to “take your medicine.”
  • Ask one or more of your children or grandchildren to call you every day with a quick reminder. It’s a great way to stay in touch and little ones love to help the grown-ups
  • If you have a pc or laptop, use program a start-up reminder to take your high blood pressure drugs or sign up with one of the free services that will send you reminder e-mail every day.
  • Remember to refill your prescription. Each time you pick up a refill, make a note on your calendar to order and pick up the next refill 1 week before the medication is due to run out.

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