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Stage 1 Hypertension

Stage 1 Hypertension

stage 1 hypertension

stage 1 hypertension

stage 1 hypertension

Hypertension is a major contributor to triad disease like heart disease, stroke, and kidney problems. Learning full about the usually signs of stage 1 hypertension can helps patients to keep their blood pressure fully in control so they can avoid the triad diseases above and live healthier and happier.

Stage 1 hypertension is determined by systolic readings from 140-159 and the diastolic readings average from 90-99 point. The systolic blood pressure stated where the pressure on the arteries as the heart beats while diastolic blood pressure is the pressure when the heart is at rest. The normal blood pressure reading has a systolic reading of range from 90-119 and a diastolic reading from 60-79.

Patient who want lower blood pressure need make lifestyle changing. Reduce body weight can significantly reduce blood pressure. Next, get diet that’s good for the heart, such as a lowering sodium diet, frequently daily exercise can do so much in lowering high blood pressure. Also, minimizing or stop alcohol consumption can contribute to lowering  blood pressure.

Doctor presciption usually for patients with stage 1 hypertension, diuretics or water pills are prescribed to eliminate excess sodium and water from the body, consequently lowering  blood pressure. Thiazide diuretics are the best choice since it can only produce fewer side effects and can give patients protection from heart failure and stroke. Sometimes, doctors may also prescribe medications that aim to reduce blood pressure more quickly, especially when hypertension is a condition that comes secondary to chronic illnesses such as kidney disease and diabetes. Different blood pressure medications are available and they include angiotensin-converiting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors (i.e. enalapril, ramipril), beta blockers (i.e. metoprolol, propranolol), and calcium channel blockers (i.e. amlodipine, felodipine). All of these medications have own objective and task mechanisms of action in reducing  blood pressure, and it is better to discuss with your doctor as to which class of drugs can work best for you.

For any human having high blood pressure does not produce obvious signs and symptoms.This is silent desease. Instead, it slowly destroy the blood vessels, heart, kidneys and other big organs of the body, until these signs and symptoms show you will not know you already have developed the condition. The most best way to diagnose hypertension is to have  blood pressure checked regularly using machine .Better buy one as birthday if age reached 21 to make check always.

There are various things that can cause the blood pressure to increase, such as excitement or anger, but this not big source for hypertension. If a person remains to have high blood pressure even when this person is relaxed at the bed, that person may probably have hypertension.

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